Cloud Hosting

Harness the power of Cloud by upgrading your existing applications. Cloud hosting can help your existing in-house, web applications to get the necessary advantage in accessibility and availability. With cloud hosting and computing there are many options available to you. We’re uniquely positioned to provide you with the necessary expertise, support, and choice you need based on your business needs.

Cloud Hosting Services offers you the following advantages:

Infrastructure Cost – Manage cost efficiently by only paying for what you use. You don't need to invest in costly hardware or software to get started. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about the maintenance costs and software/hardware upgrading costs; just pay a flat monthly fee based on your usage

Scalability & Flexibility - Hardware and software provisioning can be fine-tuned based on your demands.

Accessibility & Availability – The cloud-hosted software is available to users remotely, anywhere anytime using a computer or mobile devices.

Fast Deployment - Users can access the application once it is deployed with no additional set up, as the hardware and software are already set up and ready to use in Cloud. Updates / Upgrades can also be deployed faster without any hassles as compared to traditional software deployment and upgrades.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in simple term is the ability to store, manage and process your business data online. Cloud computing is basically applications hosted in cloud which can be accessed using internet / Intranet. Cloud applications can be deployed either in Private, Public or Hybrid models.

Private Cloud: Your application and data will be delivered to your internal users only. The Application will be hosted in the local data center and only those users connected to office network can access it.

Public Cloud: We can host your application in public cloud so users can access using the internet. We use major cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to host your applications in the Public Cloud.

Hybrid cloud: It's a combination of public cloud services and on-premises private cloud and the automation between the two, usually used to host and balance business-critical applications.

Cloud Computing

At PsiberTech, we can provide the necessary guidance you need to decide on best possible options for your business. Our Complete Cloud Solution Includes:

  • Information Technology Consultation.
  • Custom Solution according to your business requirements.
  • Cost estimation and Budget Projections.
  • Setup, Configuration, and maintenance of Cloud system.
  • Testing & Commissioning of your Cloud System.

We provide Free Consultation and Quote based on your Requirements


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